Thursday , January 28 2021

That's better and better: Porsche 911

It is an excellent sport car icon for couples: up to 911 in Zuffenhausen. A reference not only in design but also for its survival and revival. Thus, the next generation of the next model for moving large revolutions to 911 (n) is unnecessary, and Porsche's designers and engineers still recovered a large amount of waste. Motorcycles – boxers, what else – has an update based on the previous 991, 992 S, so it's the newest and eighth generation of 30 horsemen and now bombers 450 under the banner. This is the first 340 debut over 1963 versions. In 3.7 seconds, the new sprints in the four-wheel drive can also be changed in one-hundred and 3.6 seconds. The fuel injection review and the front will be upgraded to the ends and ends of the previous unit.

The new 911 is wide.

Outdoor design shows a broader path. In front, increasing 4.5 centimeters to increase the performance, the rear was increasing the already powerful wheels arc of 4.4 centimeters. However, the external dimension remains similar to that of the previous one. The LED strip of light on the back is probably the most popular road users, so it definitely does not matter day or night, who just passes. Inside there are many new things: as well as innovative supporters, such as sliding the road, as well as on soaked roads or in the night vision camera, the interior seems noble but without losing its character. Above the top-of-the-screen touch screen, the smaller gear lever looks correct. For the start of the new generation, Carrera S and Carrera 4S, there is a hybrid, the Porsche does not have secrets, they should be presented later.

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