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The baby killed the dog bite: the dog's owner

The baby killed the dog bite: the dog's owner

After the deadly dog ​​came to Vienna – a 17-year-old boy was attacked by Rottweiler in September 2018; The complaint against the owner of the dog was presented in the court of the region.

The Court's spokesman, Christina Salzborn, has called for a woman to kill herself with a lie pity (81 GB). The hearing was directed on March 25. If the judge is guilty, he will face three years' imprisonment.

The accident occurred at 8.15 at Ziegelhofstraße. Grandpa's grandmother could play her arms in her arms, so Rottweiler irritated her. A leashed dog was released on the sidewalk, and the boy came to mind. He had a drink of about 47 kilograms of animal – about 1.4 thousand miles and probably could not be Rottweiler.

It's brave courage to cut and cut brave animals. When the dog finally left the boy, the drunken dog sacked a friend to a tree that was dragging a friend, and dropped it to the trash several times, thus settling the dog.

He killed serious boy-in-law injuries

The young boy suffered the most serious injuries. Even though he was immediately taken to hospital and received close attention, he went beyond salvation. He injured his past on September 27.

The dog owner was taken to Rottweiler, after being crowned in a quarter of a veterinarian. Eventually he had to be euthanized after a zookeeper.

The event caused enormous media and political echo. The city of Vienna decided to incorporate thousands of owners of dog owners into a change of ownership of the dog's property. The head of the health minister, Beate Hartinger-Klein (FPÖ), initially accepted more uniform rules and national regulations. At the end of October, a round table owned by dogs owned by individual state municipal councils did not bring any specific results. Basically, federal livestock will be the power of state states, said Hartinger-Klein.

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