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The damn war is over


Myrthes Monteiro, Lise Dassin and Gernot Romic, like Jerry Mulligan
Myrthes Monteiro, Lise Dassin and Gernot Romic, like Jerry Mulligan. © Barbara Palffy

With Eva Hammer

"American in Paris", George and Ira Gershwin's music, recorded and directed Nick Winston's song on Sunday at the Music Theater. Stage of Charles Quiggens extends across the stage of the Eiffel Tower stage. Light and videos Increase Paris, galleries, parks, artisan cabin shelves, emotions and emotions to debut Myrthe Monteiron's music band. Ballet's founder, singer and actor, Lise Dassin elfin dancer's main role.

The beautiful backdrop of Daniela Dett is just as beautiful as Milo Davenport. Adam Hochberg (Christof Messner), after the Second World War in Paris, understands the piano by Henri Baurel (Christian Fröhlich). It does not have to find a rhythm. The post-war period – the power is released, "electricityité passé", it does not matter, it also works by snipping and pressing. "I got the beat" grows – Tom Broitterner's best orchestra is prepared, Tom Bitterlich's high strain – the classical jazz symphony. "Who could have asked for more?" – Gershwin directed the entire work of "Tone Poem for Orchestra", including most jazz standards of all time.

Music theater bought the first night

The technology file visually explodes canvas and three men think that Lys loves it; The wicked war is over: "it's wonderful, it's wonderful." They all dream about special moments at Lise: "They can not take Away From Me." Sing in the original language, texts and interviews in German. The Musiktheater Linz bought the first night in Germany.

Milo umgarnt painter Jerry Rich: "She wants to dance." Jerry wants to Lise, who feels obligated by a wealthy Henri Baurel. The son of the entrepreneur is secretly acting as a singer among local artists. When she thinks she is away from her mother, she starts the quilt and then overcomes everything that completes the repertoire of Dantza Foral Dantza. "Ladder to Paradise" – the number celebrates the epitome of a thirties entertainment entertainment. Another notable feature is the dream sequence, like a ballet like Lise and Jerry.

After the break, the feelings of the characters are similar to the grace of the image. Thus, he confronts faithfully with the history of music (jazz). This work in Linz for the first time in German is also the quality of modern theater in Europe. It could be a terrifying debate about Bruckner's orchestras and music theaters! Audience was very excited.

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