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"The farmer is looking for a wife" 2018: Tayisiya and Matthias – bus station kisses

Updated on November 27, 2018 at 07:28

No one was expected: Tayisiya tennis and Matthias farmer will be on Monday night at the "Bauer sucht Frau". Love is also good in other farmhouses. Only the farmer Niels has not gone bad.

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In 14 previous editions of "Farmer Seeks a Wife", there were no doubts as to whether there were any candidates for Tayisiya Morderger.

Professional tennis player currently listed in the 568 world does not have a real interest in the farmer Matthias, so speculation has been made.

He wanted to know a lot more, maybe so that formats like "scholarship" or "jungle camp" could enter into conversation. Or if you only win new followers on their Instagram account. By the way, you're pretty good.

On Monday night, however, Matisse's story of the glamorous Tayisiya and farmer was not necessarily expected.

In the end, the hot kisses were also exchanged at the bus station. But here is a whole story from the beginning.

Dungarees and rubber boots salute farewell

As Tayisiya's greetings approached, the young farmer created a surprise. And today's reaction has shown why not many of the audience of the tennis player will lose serious interest in rural life and the rural population.

At first he unpacked the rubber boots ("my first!"), Then a red dungarees. For a moment, at the age of 21, he stopped and then realized what his hand was holding with a mysterious object. That's it, to work, "said Tayisiya," with great frequency.

The truth continued, Matthias wanted to know what he was now. Everything stated that the tennis player would give the farmer a pass.

"We made a good season, I'll lose you as soon as I arrive at the bus," explains Matthias: "I have not felt like a little girl for a long time."

The love palette seals a long distance relationship

And now, perhaps, it was the most spectacular turn of the history of the peasant's farmer. "I want to try," Tayisiya breathed, they agreed to a long-distance relationship, tear-shaped.

Also, it was amazing to get her a castle of love with her exclusive outfits, which recorded the names and date of both lovers. There is another saying, the young lady does not think it!

Well, skeptics will now say "Bauer Sucht Frau" has linked Tayisiya's love blockade. And Matthias will probably have to wait for a tennis player to make a call. But then the goodbye scene at the bus station continued.

"Matthias would like to kiss me now, I want to have a little more," Tayisiya asked for a conversation with the camera. In fact, Matthias took a heart and kissed her.

A "happy ending" in the classic Hollywood classical style, so that almost no one would expect it.

Roasted egg instead of fish: Nielsen's evacuation for the disease

Love is also great in all other farmhouses. The Christian turtle Danielle and Kuhbauer, Steffi and Stephan, however, Ingeborg and Jörn also danced in the Canadian ranch in love.

The farmer Jörn fell in love with Oliwa at the airport. Dike Niels, the only farmer on Monday, had a bad end. His Laura came out from there, Tayisisi Matthias, awaiting discharge.

When it was breakfast, the disaster was shocked. "Roast breasts, but no fish," Bavaria's students reported about their gastronomic preferences and it was clear that the North Sea coast was not their new home.

Niels did not suspect anything wrong after going on a trip (quote: "Even if the bride is decent, you'll sometimes go on"). The question of all questions goes through Barandiara mud.

"How do you think we can do with us?" Niels asked. "I'm sure I can imagine a good friendship, maybe a visit to each other, but it's not a good thing."

Nielen's cheeks were more pale than usual. "Friendship sometimes lives together," he added. That's damned.

The good Matthias farmer has been saved. On the following Wednesday, Tayisiya will see her on the court of the festival again.

And definitely soon. He is not busy on the jungle camp or shooting the famous brother's brother.

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