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“The Masked Singer”: That’s what Vicky Leandros says about Rea Garvey’s critiques


Updated November 18, 2020 at 12:50 p.m.

Vicky Leandros must be identified in the semifinals of “The Masked Singer” under the cat’s costume. It doesn’t matter at all to Councilor Rea Garvey’s criticism. On the contrary, he is really obsessed with the “German Voice” coach.

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Local advisory team Bulent Ceylan and Sonja Zietlow as well as more than 40% “Masked Singer”-The audience agreed on Monday evening: Im Cat costume arrive Vicky Leandros stuck. Councilor Rea GarveyBecause he was a fan of Leandros, he hesitated and was immediately rejected.

The According to her statement, a professional singer could not hear the “German Voice” coach. At the end of Leandros TMS-Halffinales The ProSieb show shed its skin, which was a big surprise – as well Guilty’s guilty conscience. Vicky Leandros does not take up the crime in Ireland.

“Rea Garvey can say anything”, he says in an interview with the news spot. The 47-year-old is “such a beautiful person and a wonderful colleague.” He enjoys the freedom of Leandro’s fools. “I wasn’t angry with him for a minute.”

He also makes essays about “The Masked Singer” about him: “I found this show Shocking from the start. He has an extraordinary concept, he’s humorous and funny, he’s unique Great entertainment show. “Anyway, Leandros is available to all or almost all of the nonsense.” Since he likes to wear Mardi Gras, the music show “suited me”.

Who is the “Masked Singer” who wants Vicky Leandros to win?

For Leandros, however, the challenge was to remain silent. “That was pretty hard,” he says. “You have to have a lot Lying to friends and familyto keep the secret. But now they will understand. “

Asked by friends and acquaintances about his participation in the film “The Masked Singer,” he “just never answered.” And when he had to find an excuse not to be, he said, “I’m recording music in another city.”

That ends with a large portion of the audience it is acknowledged, it does not bother Leandros. On the one hand, you see it as a “big compliment”. “On the other hand, it could have been more exciting for the show if you hadn’t considered it until the end.”

Compared to the finalists, the musician is a collegiate. Although he has no idea whose costumes he is under Alien, hippopotamus, anubis, skeleton and meerkat he is stuck, but he wishes everyone victory. “They all do very well and are very sweet.”

The The finale of “The Masked Singer.” It takes place on November 24, 2020 at 8:15 pm at ProSieben.
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“The Masked Singer” lives on from her imaginative outfits – two women take care of it. They make elaborate clothes in a small town in Bavaria.

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