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The minimum income battle between Hackers and Blümels «

The health minister and social councilor Peter Hacker (SPÖ) and Gernot Blümel (ÖVP), the Chancellery Minister, gave a violent overview on urban policy in Vienna on Wednesday afternoon in the "Klartext" ORF radio show. Again in the middle was the subject of minimal income.

Blümel accused the hackers accused of Vienna's ÖVP's "failed to establish a minimum constitutional income based on the current Vienna draft". The hacker counterattacked, this was "ridiculous verbal."

From the beginning he made it clear that he extended to the Minister of Social Affairs, the city council said. "We're always ready to talk about new words." Its role is the social council to save the consequences of laws.

The project emphasized "some fundamental problems". So, this is not the way to create poverty and revitalization, criticizing hackers. Literally, it is also notable in the sketch that minimal security is required.

Blümel repeatedly emphasized that it was a "fundamental question": "Work must be done, no one is more than anyone else." "Justice is more and this work can be worth it again," he said, "an imbalance."

Critical late-riser

Emotional, the federal government also discussed Vienna's criticism. "The image of the federal capital is drawn, which is not just an issue," said the Hacker. It is worth mentioning that the guilty of the Vienna Chancellor was "insolent," "we are endless," a statement by Kurz said in a statement about the Mauerbach government about three weeks ago ("I do not think it's good. It's about developing it in the morning when people are less and less working. ") In reality, however, the federal capital is" the republican motor ". "You can not prove capital permanently," says Hacker.

Blümele thought "to say a bit to say that this expression meant to spread in Vienna". "That is ridiculous," said the Foreign Ministry. "We are not completely enthusiastic," Hacker replied. "It's hard to keep the Chancellor's role".

After the next election of the party, ask about possible coalition options, two have been blocked: in Vienna, SPÖ and Berde "have a full agreement that we will work until the last day," said Hacker. And then Vienna would decide. "I do not think anything of funny speculation," SPÖ also has no starvation at this time.

Blümelm insisted that he will see his place in Vienna in the future. Coalition considerations do not play a significant role: firstly, vote and negotiate elections.


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