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The ORF again specifies "a small diary


"Public and new town" said from 12 December to the ORF: Then there are more "Land Crime" and "city comedies" programs. "This country can tell you incredible stories," said Kathrin Zechner, director of the ORF program, impressed by five films, presented at the weekend and at the same time for the future. "I want to continue this round".

15:03, November 26, 2018


Four years ago, the first ORF "Landkrimi" filmed "Woman with the Shoe" on the screen. And regional tariffs, apparently, in the audience, since there were not all sorts of murder cases solved only between Vorarlberg and Burgenland, but broadband spread. "In city comedies" he often laughed, and even in cinemas, he had a great success in previous years as "Harri Pinter, bastard". Now, as Juergen Maurer, a loving lover, joins the television channel with his own charm.

"The book is not a depp," Maurer laughed in conversation with journalists about the story written by Stefan Hafner and Thomas Weingartner. "He's been 50 years old trying to get away from puberty." Therefore, it is not intentionally intellectually challenging when Klagenfurt based Harri Pinter, former ice hockey player and now U12 coach and driving instructor, suddenly leaves his partner. "He is fighting for innocence." In the process, his character "crawls a little on the ground at his feet". How to deal with it will be on December 29th.

The comedy of the same name by Thomas Stipsits (December 22): Based on the novel by Daniel Glattauer, Gerold Plass gives a frustrated and alcoholic journalist, who has spent 14 years in "P W" In Pölten Colleagues "and professionals are in contact with a mysterious donation series, who was impressed by the final result." I would not be here, "Glattauer replied to the question." Of course, I like things, but I think they are very well-translated, everyone wants their movies. But almost no one really delighted in the product. "The first part of Daniel Prochaska's score achieves good results with the right time and all the strange ideas.

Geradliniger, on the other hand, is a pioneer in the region's film industry: "roller coaster" (December 12), the screenwriter Rupert Henning and director Wolfgang Murnberger as their main actor. Like a Viennese police officer, as his son suddenly goes to the door, Tobias Moretti feels happy and enthusiastically, but convinces him with tone. For Murnberger, father-son relationship is essential, not only because of the red light and organized crime, "how emotional emotional level is delivered, because shootings can not be". It was exciting to say that she does not want to put that child, there is no parent and they can not accept it. "

"Grenzland" (January 15) deals with socially upbeat topics: Brigitte and Marvin Kren's mother group were featured as actors and principals, before the exhaustion of a boy's murder, asylum and refugee dispute. to carry it. "He is a very nice person, but he has strange and populist views." Brigitte Kren represents the superintendent, investigates this case and does not defend his opinion. "I initially thought: I could never play a stupid and right Funsen populist!" But, of course, here it does not appear much like before.

As for the development of the characters, Maria Hofstätter and Miriam Fussenegger left their territory: The pair "The Dead in the Lake" (December 19) is already the second case or "The Dead in the Pool" (2015), "When it is said He had to be activated, my desire is already enough for me to get my bones, "said Hofstätter. "In the first thriller, we were totally researchers, so our work has only been done, this time we have got a more personal story."

In any case, all five movies are common in places where local color is not slowly used. Of course, language is very important, as Zechner has stressed. "Speech ink does not have to be rough dialects, though they may be, but they are country music, and each language has its melody." The cinematic journey to South Tirol reached its peak, and the future projects were able to cross the border again. "In the sense of living and killing in Balaton."

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