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The risk of cancer: how hot can tea?

Hot tea is not healthy.

It is better to cool the tea before you drink it.

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March 22, 2019

The World Health Organization recommends letting cool down before drinking tea is recommended to reduce the risk of esophageal cancer. However, there is no clear indication of how to drink it can be hot. An international research team concluded that the risk drops below 60 degrees Celsius.


When you drink tea, the preferences are very different: one-sided beverage that drinks one another. Researchers have conducted a long-term research in northern Iran to investigate the frequency of those who drink tea to develop esophageal cancer. Every day drinkers with more than 60 celsius of two cups per day contracted esophageal cancer twice as long as they preferred less caloric tea.

"According to our report, it is possible to increase the risk of having a very hot drink of esophageal cancer, so it is advisable to drink hot drinks before drinking," said the American Cancer Society Farhad Islami. Although very hot drinks support esophageal cancer, green tea mainly reduces the risk of some cancers.

Researchers conducted research in the province of Golestan in northeastern Iran, where there are many roofs of tea. Since 2004, more than 50,000 participants have received data. Among other things, people waited a long time before drinking tea, served at a 75-degree Celsius conversation. Ten years on average, the health of people and the number of esophageal cancers.


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