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The syringe trapped in his arm «

He also caught an athlete during the Seefelden doping raid. It should be Austrian.

16.30, February 27, 2019


Next Wednesday in Innsbruck's press conference, Dowling's World Doping Tournament, Doping-Cause researchers, announced further details. One of the detained athletes was "trapped in the Seefeld hostel", he said Dieter Csefan Police Officer of the Federal Criminal Law

"He breathed in his arms," ​​said Csefan. Which athlete was, the researcher did not want to say about the ongoing research. However, according to initial information, this is one of the two detainees in Austria, for example Max Hauke or Dominik Baldauf, play Athletes should dopulate their blood with their load.

The IDB and the Prosecutor's Office in Innsbruck did not exclude the possibility that more people might have an impact. And he said that "it is a closed chain of indicators." For example, Erfurt's complete doping laboratory has been performed, including equipment, which is considered to be a medical doctor of 40 years.

  • born: April 23, 1992 Bregenzen
  • Location: Sulzberg / Vorarlberg
  • Height / weight: 1.72 m / 63 kg
  • Civil status: single
  • Club: SV Sulzberg
  • Hobbies: sport
  • Start:
  • The greatest success (Sail): Olympia: Season 13, 16th Team Sprint (with Tritscher) and 35. Sprint Classic, 2018 Pyeongchang. WM: 18th Sprint Skating 2017 Lahti, 19th Sprint Classic 2015 Falun World Cup: 8th stage Tour of Ski (Sprint Skating) 2018/19

Doping allows you to draw more circles. "Certainly there are other sports," Csefan said. In any case, the "criminal organization" has been operating worldwide for more than five years.

  • born: August 29, 1992 in Rottenmann / Styrian
  • Location: Ramsau am Dachstein / Styria
  • Height / weight: 1.81 m / 74 kg
  • Civil status: single
  • Club: WSV Ramsau
  • Hobbies: Cycling, walking, golf
  • Start:
  • The greatest success (Sail): Olympia: Season 13 2018 Pyeongchang, 16th Classic Team Sprint 2014 Sochi (Harald Wurm), 27th Skiathlon 2018 Pyeongchang. WM: 14th Classic Team Sprint 2011 Oslo (with Aurelio Herburg), 31st Skiathlon 2017

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