Friday , February 3 2023

The victory of the Tyrolean riders on the Tibetan giants


It's true

David Lama must be left And no one could have for her, that no one would be held liable, except at the top of Lunag Ri. "The mountain is always stronger," says Tyrolean climbers. And this mountain, stacked in front of him, was presented as right giants,

Lunag Ri's 6895-meter ride likes like eleven thousand and eight others

Giant It descends a bit from the Himalayas main ridge, but this mountain scene from mountain climbers has always been one of the biggest challenges. Nobody had passed Lunag Ri until now, David Lama Three times he tried his luck and failed three times quite clearly.

His latest attempt, the Tyrolian, was about 300 meters below the summit. "I've done all the ways, but I probably would not come," says the 28-year-old. "With full essay, Lunag Ri has become a growing desire. Over time, you're developing a mountain relationship."

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