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The woman is dying, dismembers and ex-partner

For many years, Moroccan women living in Al Ain (United Arab Emirates) and their partners were happy. Then he told him now to marry another. Although this lasted seven years.

Prions causes Creutzfeldt-Jacob

Protein prions are misfolded by molecules. If they reach a human brain, the body's own pressure could be folded into a type of doping effect, which in turn degrades the brain tissues.

These symptoms include headache and memory problems, then hallucinations, personality changes, paralysis and dementia. The illness causes more errors and, finally, the failure of all the brain functions completely.

When the last phase can last for a long time, the affected people maintain a certain degree of rigidity in order to avoid contact with the environment. In the last phase, patients are also called "Living Dead".

His former partner was not enthusiastically wounded and lost anger on the gift of love.

Now he's 39 years old. When his prime minister dies, he decomposes it to the blender and finally his traces feed on building workers and dogs. The shape of a Machbus, traditional regional dish, as in the form of

Tooth whitening

However, the police came a few months later, when he was excluded from the age of 39, he was excluded. In this way, only officials were found when they were looking for the missing man. Subsequently, the commercial analysis of the DNA eliminated the last doubts: in the case of teeth.

Access to neighboring information. Compared to Al Khaleej's newspaper, they said that, for a period of a short time, they felt the "house of a woman" a "hilarious ridicule" for four consecutive days.

How exactly 39-year-old killed his partner is not known. It is known to accept "madness moment," as is known by

Human flesh is deadly

The case is not only felt by ethical and legal views, but also health: for two reasons: human beef is not very nutritious, as the James Cole 2019 Scientific Studies report in Brighton University says: human body 150,000 calories, deer collects at least 163,000 calories .

In addition, cannibalism – consuming parts of the human body – is potentially deadly. In addition to the risk of blood transmissive diseases or pathogens, they are called "prisoners" (see box), but the crazy cow's disease is also behind BSE, and remained in Europe in the seventies.

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