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This home remedies helps you to make the cold all night long

Especially in the cold season, many have to fight against a bad cold. However, these home remedies run away quickly and quickly.

Chicken soup, honey in warm milk or bite of mosquitoes: what is already the grandmother already predicts as small children is today. Homemade remedies, which have been retrieved from generation to generation and have passed since then, contribute to rapidly lowering the illnesses. In addition to the addition of many liquids, certain foods or plant components have been established, they have an antibacterial effect and can effectively deal with colds.

Cold Tip One: Drag vinegar from body to fever

Anyone who feels suddenly or fever helps with water and a damp cloth on the forehead and calf. They warm up the heated body again.

They just have to Mix cold water and apple cider vinegar in the same containerThen cut off a towel or tea towel with a blend, tighten it and tighten the calves. This leaves the fever out of the bodyWrap changes repeatedly when there is no effect. When you become serious, you should consult a doctor.

du You can also drink apple cider vinegarWater, juice, tea or honey or pure. This should be an antibacterial effect, to relieve throat pain and stimulate salivation.

Cold onion: herbs to alleviate infections

Teak is ideal for taking fluid enough to clear diuretics and toxins away from the body. However, you do not need to mix chamomile tea. Also try Linden or Mallow flower tea.

du Tannins and phytochemicals are designed to reduce inflammation in the bodySimply add two tablespoons of orange with hot water and let sit for a while. Then you can drink tea infusion, gargle or even inhale with a towel in your head.

du It helps against throat, throat or coldIn addition, "Fiebertees" are disguised as an infusion for a night's meal.

Three cold criteria: cold in the limbs

Those who suffer from cold often face the painful limbs. If the body is mired, it is recommended Hot after a cold bath before going to bed (About 38 degrees). That's why the body places sweat on the toxins – and it also stimulates the body's aromatic, pepper, pine needle or eucalyptus, and promotes blood circulation.

What you need to know: Essential oils are also good for steam bath, There are possible mucus releasing nose and bronchusWho decides to heat two liters of water in a bowl and then pour into a bowl. Add some oil drops of oil, cover it with a towel and breathe for ten minutes and exhale again.

But be careful A fever no longer makes anybody coldThe body would not waste it.

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Cold Type Four: Chicken Soup has an antibacterial effect

If you have cold and limb, you often eat food. But a fortress luncheon is just as important as having liquids enough. Therefore, it is recommended to combine both and chip the delicious chicken soup.

Allegedly, according to Focus Online, even US researchers have found collagen Chicken soups and other antibacterial ingredients also cooked to act In addition, the heat soup increases the body temperature and is a good welfare. "Even though the smell of preparation causes many people to enjoy a pleasant childhood memory," said Irmingard Dexheimer, a nutritionist, before Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger.

In addition, the strength of the chicken soup is convinced:This starts with chicken meat, it continues with zinc-rich contents and classic vegetables, such as leeks, celery, carrots and onions."In this way, vegetables should contain vitamin K, beta carotene and phytochemicals with anti-inflammatory effect.

To strengthen the defense, it is not necessary to bring fresh soup to the chickens. Frozen goods have the same effect according to Dexheimer. Nutrition recipe: Gather a boil with one or two chicken thighs and refine vegetables, bay leaves, beans and herbs. Thymian, that is, dissolves mucus in the air with its essential oils, which is appropriate. Another recipe: cook a vegetable soup in a vegetable soup and cook for half an hour.

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Cold onion five: Rinse the nasal to clean the nose

Have you ever noticed that it is a lot? bronchial illness Have a better sea? One reason why several health areas are near the sea. Marine breezes moistens mucous membranes, disintegrates hard crusts and disrupts mucus and germs, like star reports. You can also make cold or sinusitis at home.

You only need one Dissolve half a teaspoon of sea salt with 250 ml hot water and in a solution solution nose shower (available at any store or pharmacy). The next step is to tilt your head over the sink, so nothing happens. Now with the top mood showers and leave the salt solution on the lower sides of the nerve. After the first episode, briefly whistle and repeat the procedure again. You can do it for 20 minutes.

Women use a nasal shower every dayDue to the impossibility of reason, it was overdue,

Cold tip Six: Quark rolls have a cooling effect

As if it were a fever or a bronchial bronchus, you can see that your mother or grandmother will arrive with a quark (lean) package. This works Cooling and therefore refrigerators are also suitable,

To do this, the upper body is free and varied, covered with a layer of jelly. Then, a towel is surrounded by the upper body. Alternatively, you can also apply the square to a centimeter thickness, press and place it on the chest or upper back.

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Cold tip: relieves saddest throat

It was probably a good thing about a pain in the throat of a child, and nowadays they could still eat ice cream without guilty conscience. This is to alleviate scratchy throat or difficulty. In fact, Milk dairy milk sticks neck and, therefore, is very harmful,

However, there are The pure ice cubes fit very well to alleviate inflammationYou just need to peel them, and your neck will cool down and the body will be supplied with extra liquid. However, if you're eating ice cubes, it's a good idea to make pepper tea, honey, or lemon juice.

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