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Verona Pooth reports Naddler's charges

"When Verona destroyed my life," says Nadja Abd el Farrag recently in an interview with "In". "What happened at the time, I was obvious, what made me". When Dieter Bohlen spent seven years in Verona, he married in Las Vegas in May 1996. However, he split three months later and returned to Dieter Naddel. "Verona was kicking, I could move again", he recalled 53 years. For celebrity celebrities this story is very important after more than 20 years. While Nadja recently spoke about her former pastor and the separation, she has recently published a book in Verona. He also directs his love story about Dieter Bohlen and writes about Naddel. "Obviously, it's a short story," he explains in a "Gala" interview. Unlike Naddel, Verona did not want anyone. "I do not intend to show anyone in my book". But: "It's not true to be pleasant, just the things you do not hear sometimes."

According to Nella, Verona Pena wants to be the second Heidi Klum and she has problems with aging, she says: "Everyone has the opinion, and I think that you are sugar, you can do nothing, not just in the media" I am very happy, I have no other I feel like a person who is interested in private life, or bad people, and I'm very happy about that. "

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