Saturday , January 28 2023

Vienna quote after a two-day debate on 2019


In the City Hall of Vienna, the city council decided on next year's budget on Tuesday. It offers 15,497 million euros and 15,685 million euros in revenues. It represents a drop of 188 million euros debt non – Financial Council

Peter Hanke (SPO) yesterday at the beginning of the debate, "answer"Order.

In 2019 the city should be the last year in debt. Vienna According to the budget proposal, at the end of next year there will be around 6.9 million euros in black. The loan is out loud Hanke et al cheap through economic situation and the maximum level of employment.

He mentioned the department Vienna In the midst of lying in terms of per capita debt. However, he could not convince the opposition during a two-day debate. FPÖ. Austrian People's Party and NEOS the figures were rejected. In the forecast mode, the budget was only decided by votes SPO and greens

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