Friday , August 19 2022

"Voice of Germany": the TV show is angry!


"The Voice" fans wanted to play talented with spectacular wars, but it was very different. The sender was full of excitement …

ProSieben destroys tension

"The Voice" fans are looking for battles for a long time. Principle: Two talents of the team compete against each other; Then, the bus has an agony of choice and must send it to the singer's house. But that does not mean that young stars can not win "Germany Voice". Because: after a tough decision by a jury decides his mind, he leads his talent to the group called Steal Deal.

In the show, coach Yvonne Catterfeld had to choose a power voice. Before the musician was happy, the station sparked ads, but then the scandal! "Now how is it" in the forecast, the leaders have shown who is rounding. The fans were crazy angry!

"Filth-spoiler alert"

The users helped with anger Twitter air-

Damn ergel dirt-spoiler-preview! Repeal

Not only did the audience consider the mega-bass, they also complained about advertising blocks in general

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