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Water antibiotics cause echolastic collapse – health

Our waters are drugs. According to researchers at Nb Nemecen (The Netherlands) at Radboud University, this problem is becoming more and more becoming increasingly influenced by nature in the human body.

As Rik Oldenkamp writes in environmental research letters, the environmental risk of some preparations has increased worldwide.

Although the smallest quantities cause damage

Oldenkamp and his colleagues took samples of water in rivers, lakes and sewers, and drug predictions for water contamination were developed, specifically two prescribed drugs: ciprofloxacin antibiotic and epilepsy drug carbamazepine.

Analysis has shown that the onset of waste has increased over the past 10 to 20 times. This may have serious consequences, the researchers continue. For example, epilepsy drugs cause environmental damage, even though there are 500-liter nanograms. Antibiotics also reached 0.15 nanograms per liter.

According to Oldenkamp, ​​antibiotics have a special risk: "destroying bacteria and removing antibiotics from a bacterial species in the water, the entire ecosystem is collapsing." In addition, the importance of developing environmentally-friendly resistance, but still forgotten.

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