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What do you want to live with the devil when you think no one is


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That Malvica Padin has to prove that he is trying to prove it again. (Icon)

Malvica Padin studies journalism, work seems normal, and is no longer there. His illness is not common: despite depression, Padin can face his daily life, but he is less tolerated.

In his article blog, Padin describes a type of depression that many people do not know and how they live with the disease.

Every morning I wake up, do it in the morning, go to class, smile and talk to people. I'm working full time on adult kids. Most people do not know: Fully functional adult functioning suffers from laxative depression and anxiety disorders.

► "You do not see depression".

► "Everything works for you, why should you be depressed?"

► "It looks fine".

► "It's just a sure phase".

I've never had a tenth, if I like someone (unexpectedly), I would definitely not work anymore.

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When you think about depression, do you think people in life disaster too?

Of course, comments are not to be blamed for anyone. Most people listen to depression, and immediately thinks that a person never dies without someone who does not.

One of these presumed presumed characteristics is not applied to me. In that sense, I can not suffer depression, right?

It works really well, everything seems to be everything outside. My lessons and my work are taken seriously, I did not do anything, come out, meet people and laugh.

But when I go to the street, when I move through social networks, when I put a Netflix marathon on the couch, I suddenly break it all. I'm tired, without hope. I have a depressive phase. Something started. Or it might not have been a special launch, but it was going to face me and, of course, not just to say goodbye, after a quick hello.

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Not depression is the real problem, though, of course, a It's a problem. But it is more unpleasant than people to react to my own situation.

Although depressions work in everyday life

It's a blessing to work very well. I can take care of things and take care of life and their options. But many people do not mind that A depression person, even a mentally healthy, can do anythingAnd I do not know how much I try to explain, "Little by little, but I'm not gone," the passage seems to be.

The idea of ​​a very functional depression is apparently beyond human beings. And it's exhausting to face this strange phenomenon for the sick. You need to constantly check if you need help. In a bad day, you feel unexpectedly because you have not done it yourself. And if all people say that you are not depressing, you start asking yourself. Self-determination is never enough to confuse and confuse it.

I can not "overcome my depression"

People can not fully function with the complexity of the depression altogether, I want to understand one thing: I can not "overcome"I need the same level of care and support for people with mental (or physical) problems, both ordinary people and health professionals.

We work, but we're not doing well. I'm happy if people understood that. I would somewhat praise the "shocking words" to swim all the cents mentioned above.

But I would prefer it, as the people accepted me. I admit that they work perfectly but with depression. I work every day to get better. You can do it at least to understand that.

This text originally appeared in the U.S. HuffPost edition and was translated into English by Sandra Tjong.

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