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Why do you have to sleep better on the left?

Why do not you sleep at your right side?

Sleeping position can cause our health. Experts have warned them to go back in the past so people can breathe dangerously. Health reasons are also not right to sleep. On the left side, however, it is recommended to rest.

Reflux causes

Every second German suffers from time to time to his heart. This can be overweight, heavy, fatty meals, stress or excessive alcohol and nicotine. The wrong position of the patient promotes heartburn, as shown in a study.

It sits on the left with several health benefits. For example, lotions on the left, for example, with much less sleep. (Image: drubig-photo /

Left lotion has less heart rate

The scientists in the United States, who have been found on the left side of the journal "The Journal of Gastroenterology Journal", have a lot less heartburn (also known as reflux) as the right strainer.

Other health experts have also mentioned this fact, and more stomachs and their content on the left are explained more than esophagus.

With eyes in the right eye, it is easier to return the esmagoia again.

But there are more reasons to sleep better on the left. Some have a doctor. John Douillard on his website and many YouTube videos.

Better transport of important nutrients

According to the health expert, the lymphatic system body is a good thing based on the left.

The lymphatic part of the left part of the body is dominant.

The lymphatic system, the largest organ of the immune system, participates in the fight against invasive pathogens and malignant cancer cells.

It also deals with the transport of important nutrients and the filtering of waste materials.

In addition, it is in the left side of the spleen that is responsible for purifying the blood and, therefore, it can work more easily, if we sleep on the left.

Digestive and heart health benefits

The stomach and pancreas also suggest sleeping on the left.

For this reason, experts contribute to a better digestion.

But who is the correct sleepers, pressing his stomach up the pancreas and hindering his activity.

On the other hand, another point that speaks for a better sleep on the left: the right sleep, the heart must be much more complicated.

The main artery, the aorta, goes from the heart to the left, before going down the abdomen.

Leaning on the left, the heart drops directly into the bloodstream, in a downward throbbing, to relieve the organ automatically. (Ad)

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