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Worry about Rapid's worries


The next point is little in the case of the coup for liberation: For Rapido, the international break does not achieve the desired success. 0 won the 2-0 home win at Lask with second place. The Bundesliga football pitch reached five points from five points. The night of penalties, Thursday, Thursday, on the eighth day of the Europa League, will not be easier.

08.59, November 26, 2018


Representative Andrija Pavlovic has dropped her with adductors, Christopher Dibon has given a long break. The match will be lost against Sparta. "The phenomenon has been with us since it has been wounded by major players," said offensive player Thomas Murg. His coach does not want to complain. "This is the situation, we have to live with it," stressed Dietmar Kühbauer, who attributed "minor stress" injuries.

Fifth time, Rapid was a victory in the race as a coach. In addition, he draws two wins and each one: the mix record. Your goal is to become the top six positions in 22 laps in 22 seconds. "I know that this is not a nice situation, but it would be bad if you say now, you put on your hat," said at the age of 47.

League wins in the winter, Innsbruck, the storm and Australian derby, as a result of the initial position almost semi-finals. "That can be very motivating and inspiring, because it frees us a lot, but we can still turn that thing," said goalkeeper Richard Strebinger. The representatives of the ÖFB team still believe they are still in the top part. "Something else is not my mind," says Strebinger.

But now it must be growth. "They also played in the second half and we did not offer performance," Kühbauer knew. The problem during the season has been very good despite a good half time. "I do not understand, we always talk about it, but we can not deactivate it," says Murg. You made a strong opponent with mistakes. "In general, it's not enough," the player who considered it offensive.

Apart from the problems, there are also positive ones. This was the beginning of the new comedy Philipp Schobesberger. "He was a player, he felt that he probably hurt you, so I'm really happy," said Rapids coach. After the changes, he was disbanded at age 24 after 72 minutes. "It is a great player with a cactus mindset that we need today," Murg said.

On Thursday, in Vienna, there is a new opportunity at European level. "We need to look for the game and look forward to it," said Kühbauer before the race. As Murger says, training is harder to work on. "Everyone needs to put an Alzerl, maybe we can get the box," said the 24-year-old.

Unexplained five-line Linz plane, however, at nine in the morning. Participating in high-level playoffs can be very confusing after a second victory in a row. "We want to enter the round of the tournament, second, third, fourth, today, it does not matter," said coach Oliver Glasner. Focus is based on continuous improvement of players.

The impact was boosted this season. This was also acknowledged by the Rapid-Goalie Strebinger. "They believe in themselves and their ideas, and we are always just up until the revolution, which is why LASK is clear to us." Linzer would have one of the players, a team like Rapid. "They always always open their own game, which is why it does not matter," says Strebinger.

This is Glasner's merit. "When we gathered in the experience, we know that our teams against us have problems in the field of play," said coach LASK. His team is also self confident. "The group also said it works before it falls," added Glasner.

James Holland faced a scoring championship that won the third competitive season. "It's always nice to score, but I'm very happy in the team," said the midfielder. The Australian may have the formation of Linze 3-4-3 in the days leading up to the offensive. "It makes that ambitious, good header and a good distance," Glasner knows the latest strength in Austria.

His success was the first victory of the LASK League victory since 27 May 2000 (1: 0). "It's a great day for us, and I thank the players for eliminating this mess," said Glasner, happy, and that was the first victory of Rapid, including an active career.

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