Sunday , October 25 2020


Housing – Construction company failed

Coexistence couples lived home-to-life crimes when homeowners failed. In April, two homes were completed by Malene Axling Madsen (25) and Aleksander Isaksen (24), who lived in Porsgrunn. They dreamed for a long …

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Opinions – World athletes

We want to encourage the Norwegian professionals who visit abroad. Then we can not cancel their sports at home at the same time. This post was written by Grunde Almeland, Representative of …

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SAS receives passenger compensation

mp-stories-top widget On Saturday, 329 SAS flights were canceled, affecting around 34,000 passengers. There are 587 departures on Sunday and 64,000 passengers. According to, SAS disclaims all claims for passenger compensation, …

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The best weather was in Dyrepark

Less than 4,000 visitors were missing Kristiansand Dyrepark passed millions of years ago. Thus, the park received more than 50,000 visitors in 2017. However, the decline was weaker. Weather is a blame. …

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