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2 lakh 66 thousand 118 borrowers in that country: the finance minister

AHM Mustafa Kamal Finance Minister Jatiya Sangsad said the number of lender in the country was 2.66 thousand 118 at December 2018.

In response to a question from the director of Awami League MP Warat Hossain Belal, the Minister of Finance published the names and addresses of top 20 country credits in the country.

These are: Quantum Power Systems Limited, Samannaj Super Oil Limited, B. There is no more Spinning Mills Limited, Suprop Spinning Limited, Remix Footwear Limited, Rising Steel Limited, Computer Source Limited, Bennetx Industries Limited, Max Spinning Mills, SA Oil Refinery Limited , Rubia Vegetable Oil Industries Limited, Anwara Spinning Mills, Crescent Leather Products Ltd., Suprov Rotter Spinning Limited, Yasir Enterprise, Chowdhury Knitwear Limited, Siddiq Traders, Rupali Composite Leather Warehouses, Alappa Composite Towels Limited and MM Vegetable Oil Products Limited

This question response session was held today at the presidency of Shirin Sharmin Chaudhury Speaker (February 28).

In response to a question by Awami League MP Haji Selim, the minister said that the amount of bank loans in six state loans had 44,892 crore, 13 lakhs, until September,

Among the default loans, there were 12,526 Croatians 53 lakh, 12 thousand 22 lakh 54 lakh Janata Bank, 8 thousand 441 crore, 56 million basic banks, 5,648 crore 53 lakh Agrani Bank, 4 thousand 870 crore 47 lakhs Rupali Bank, Bangladesh Development of 779 million 50 million taka banks

The Finance Minister has said that not only the government, but the Bank of Bangladesh has taken steps to recover these steps.

There was also a top-level commission set up between Bangladeshi officials and worried ministries.

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