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& # 39; Come to the fair at the book & # 39;

With the word "Return to the Book Fair", what do we explain? Thanks to the author and the publisher, Bangladeshi residents have to wait 11 months for the show, what have we gotten really? I mean, at least, that they have a conscience. "General Kabi Habibullah Sirajee, from the Bangla Academy, said: from 1 February, Amar Ekushey Book Fair has begun in Bangla Academy, the event is Channel Aye at 5: At 30 a.m., it will be given directly from "Mela Daily" afternoon. This time, the press conference was held at Channel 1 in Tejgaon, Wednesday at noon.

What will happen in the Amar Ekushey library? Poet Habibullah Sirajee said: "The importance of the show will be enhanced to increase some changes, the visitor will see some changes, and it will be resistant to any book published in the fair, with serious security, if it does not endorse". He said: "I am from Bangladesh, I have come to the Bangladeshi book fair in the book of my soul, mind and spirit, and I would like to welcome you from the child, with a young and old man, the best of you. Come to the show, please criticize Bangla Academy- to make the next fair more beautiful.

This event, organized by Bangla Academy, will be held next Friday by the "Amar Ekushey Bannetla 2019". Every year, & # 39; Daily & # 39; The book's sponsor of the fair is sponsored by IFIC Bank. In addition, Melrangan's "Ananda Lightha Bomblema Daily" Tabloid magazine will also be. Among others, Chief of Staff, Channel I, Faridur Reza Sagar, poet Asad Chowdhury, Chief Executive Officer of Bangabandhu Academy, Shamsuzzaman Khan, IFIC Bank Shah Alam Sarwar, General Children's Literature, Ali Imam, Chief Executive Officer (Channel) and Literary Amirul Islam.

Poet Asad Chowdhury said: "Rabindranath, like us, introduced the Bangla alphabet around the world, with the blood of our language martyrdom, has left the paradigm in the world. Three lakhs brought our flag to life, honor and dignity. My responsibility, ours, We recall many, reminiscent of books. It must not be forgotten, do not forget, we can not forget it.

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