Friday , January 22 2021

After leaving the university student's death bus

A student at the Sylhet Agricultural University has been killed by a mobile bus and has been accused of a companion bus. At night, during the night, the Moulvibarren took place on the Sylhet-Mymensingh road in the middle of the deep sea.

Moulvibazar's Daily Star correspondent said the victim's name was Wasim Adnan. The fourth year of the University's biotechnology and genetic engineering department was the father of Wasima's father, Abu Zahir Mahbub, and a doctor with his mother. Mine Parvin

Sherpur Highway Police Officer The Daily Star said that Wasim and her friends were returning to their university in Udapan by bus on a bus at Habibganj. Buses and assistants were hired at 18:00 p.m. In a time, Wasim was beaten and was buried in the bus and seriously injured.

Wasim's friend Shiploo Roy said during the incident, Wasim was immediately injured in the wounded hospital of the MAG Osmani Medical College.

The police said the bus had taken them in the Osmaninagar region of Begumganj. However, the driver and the assistant fled.

In the city of Sylhet, Shaheed Minar met in front of the middle, asking the trial of the incident.

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