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Amama singing with Ajam Khan – The Daily Amader Shomoy

Azam Khanen's birthday is Pop Emperor and Hero Freedom Fighter birthday. During the birthday celebration, a fan of the artist reminded him. He sings songs with him. I'm singing the song I sing. / I know this song being heard by Azam Khan. / I have to talk about fear song / Losing days days old days have been in the spins / stand in the hands of Ajam Khan / Jim Morrison with Bob Ciller in & # 39; Bob Dylan & # 39; The song was written by Dhruba Es. & # 39; Guru & # 39; The song sings this song.

In the context of the song Daily Ours Hour OnlineK Solar said: "To write the history of the Bangla group, he must write the name of Azam Khan, who has added a new chapter in the Bengali song, which has spread among young people, but it can not be over. The sacrifice of his country and song is immense. we have given it ".

Rezaul Karim Limon, design, mixing and mastering the sound of the "Guru" song. Video of the song BanglaUdol has been released on YouTube channel today.

& # 39; Guru & # 39; song video

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