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An explosive statement about Malia's wife Thesara Perrea

Tanya with Malinga wife

Tanya with Malinga wife. Photo: Collected

The situation is very poor in Sri Lankan cigar. Lasith Malinga, the current captain of the team, is very embarrassed.

It is known that Malinga's wife is known as Tania Dadi.

Originally, Malinga's wife, Tania, has posted a post in Sri Lanka posted on Facebook.

Tania's message was extended to Sri Lanka's Cricket Board.

Tania, another place in Sri Lanka, wrote a message about Theres Perera.

There, he met the sports minister Thesa Perera in the national team.

Tell the minister about this wonderful form.

He did not put him in danger, he told Perera to tell me about the table or that, Perera said.

Pereira has focused on the social media of Malinga.

He sent the Secretary to the Board.

Pereira has published with her Facebook account.

When he wrote, when the Captain's wife wrote all these things on Facebook, "It was everyone who took it, but the whole thing is done.

Pereira said that Malinga's wife would put a lot of damage to the team, in which situation, Perera said the team's teams are much more difficult than the younger ones.

Commenting on the differences between the main players, the team is very difficult.

Malinga's wife said the group had lost stability and unity in almost all positions, he said.

After these comments, Peranas has worked in the dressing room.

Overall, the World Cup is a growing cricket on the island isolation team over.

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