Sunday , February 5 2023

And more. Head of condemned camera: PM


Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said in a single front that the Party leaders and the people's forum have been criticized by Dr. Kamal Hossain and civil society members to join BNP-Jamaat and under the guilty conduct. Sheikh Hasina, Prime Minister, said on Tuesday afternoon solidarity with hundreds of former militants at the Awami League.

The Prime Minister said: "Our doctor, Kamal Hossain Saheb, has become a place of civil protection, everyone has a lot of principles, where was the politics? Today, they are candidates, and those who did not accept the law will establish the rule of law or their appointment. and will eradicate terrorism and improve the country. "

Earlier, the Armed Forces officers greeted the Prime Minister with a bouquet of flowers and greeted the Prime Minister. There are 109 Navy, 19 Navy and 18 former Army officers.

The Prime Minister said: "Those who say that someone has rotten, speak against terrorism, speak out against corruption, where people are gathered today? In defense of democracy, where is democracy unfocused? The Prime Minister has pointed out that country's corruption of the BNP regime is five times the world champion. If they are convicted of corruption in section 7 of the Constitutional Court, they will not be a member of the party. For this reason, allegedly corrupt corruption, seven orphaned, 10-year truck trucks, convicts of militant terrorism, condemned by a giant damned on August 21, to save civilized democracy, Bangladesh is a bad luck. What is the definition of democracy at the time, he said, wants to give democracy, what is its definition? This is not a democracy of the people.

The government did not accuse the Khaleda Zia money laundering, the Prime Minister recalled Mohdudin, former President Iajuddin, and the governor of the Bank of Bangladesh, Fakhruddin, as well as the 10-year court judge, not to prove Khaled's innocence. The Government has not submitted any political case. On the contrary, instead of throwing power over the opponent, he focused on developing the country.

Speaking to the National Opposition Front, chaired by Kamal Hossain, the Prime Minister said: "They wanted to talk and they wanted dialogue, we talked about, we created a beautiful electoral environment." In this context, the Prime Minister reminded all the conspirators over the time, saying: "You have to be careful about those who always conspire against the country and the people."

Awami League President Muhammad Faruq Khan, Constitutional Secretary Jahangir Kabir Nanak and Abdur Rahman, organizing secretary AFM Bahauddin Nasim and BM Mozammel Haque.

Tarique Ahmed Siddique General General (retd), Former Director General of the Armed Forces Division (Abdul Wadud), Foreign Admiral (retd) Harunur Rashid, Air Commodore (retd), Kazi Delwar Hossain and Lieutenant Coronel (Rep.) Dr. Kanez Fatemas spoke.

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