Wednesday , July 6 2022

Apple's fight against the law


IPhone users say Apple needs enthusiasm for extra payments when using the Apple app, removing hundreds of thousands of decorative designers.

The British Daily Telegraph report said on Saturday that in 2017, users were entitled to present a class action against Apple. Then Apple can apply to the Supreme Court to return to court decision.

If Apple fails, the fastest and most profitable business model of the app store will be under threat.

The 30 percent earnings per application sales through the App Store each year, Apple earns billions of revenues. Although Apple's iPhone and iPad sales are stable, profits from 2017 applications rose almost three hundred and thirty million dollars, according to IANS.

The users sued the lawsuit, "iPhone users have to pay more than $ millions of iPhones in any of the competitors market in each country."

In the Supreme Court of the National High Court of 1977, "direct buyers" would only have to commit to a commitment to recover their commitment. Based on this order, Apple is trying to end this case.

The company claims that the application developers decide the price of the applications in the Apple App Store, not Apple. IPhone users buy manufacturers directly from apps And the reason for the opposition Apple Store stores store applications are at the lowest price, Apple Apple sells apps for users.

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