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Athayo-Jovan & # 39; Little Rome Cafe & # 39; – Share Biz

Showbiz desk: The short film Vicky Jahid has built "Little Rome Cafe". Farhan Ahmad Johan, short film, and the 2012 Lux Superstar competition for Samia Athi. Before joining Vicky, Joban did the first job, but at first he worked. In short, Vicky Jahid said: "Little Rome Cafe", on the one hand, the story of opportunity, on the other, the story of the tragedy. There are many world events that could have happened in a different way. The need or perception was the only thing The story of a short new story is like a black chapter. & # 39;
Jovan and his friends will see in the story that they rented before the rent of the house. At first glance, Jovan liked it a lot. Jovan gradually began to love athike. But Jovan always remains in love. An unknown force prevents Jovan from expressing his love. Short term
Unvex Fox releases next Saturday on YouTube channel. In the short term, Jovan-Athari has also been the star of Adil Khan, Hussain Ahmed Masum, Shu and Salam Khan.

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