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Bangla Fun Festival Channel Aye

Channel "Bangla Kiyaal Utsob" is being organized again, tomorrow will begin at 5:30 a.m., Thursday, with breaks, the next day they will be nine at nine feast days. The festival is being organized The press conference was organized at the Channel 1 building in the city of Tejgaon, on Tuesday, the senior director (sales and commercialization) of Bangla Khalil, Azad Rahman, director of the Channel I and head of the media, Sheikh Shaj Siraj and sponsor of the event, Ispahani T . Aaron.

Azad Rahman said: "I will play the role of promoting music, it will be remembered, and this television channel is a contribution to promoting high-quality music, for five years, there is a high-level music festival here. Now it's changed. People's attention is Bangla.

Sheikh Siraj said: "Our country is also rich in music, and we regularly organize a variety of shows with musical music, music and music are interesting music, with regular regularization of the festival, the periphery of the festival is growing every year.

There have been some artists presenting at the press conference. Nasheed Kamal, Leena Tapi Khan, Anil Kumar Saha, Karim Shahabuddin, Harunur Rashid, Selina Azad, and high-quality senior music artists.

Ananya Ruma will produce the Khial festival in Bengal. They have been invited to the last festival. The festival will have only 45 solo artists. 200 children and teenagers will serve Bangla.

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