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Barca Real Madrid finished

The match of the Clásico was Santiago Bernabeu. Barçaña is in Barcelona in Real Madrid. A few days ago, Copa del Rey started the first 1-1 match against Barcelona. Los Blancos was tired a bit. However, the failure of the start could not have thought that only one coach Copa del Rey made it into Real Madrid with 3-0 goals. At the beginning of the match, Real played football. It was Barca against the hostile attacks on the task. But the team did not see goals in the game. But in the first part of the tournament, Brazilian star-star Vincius Jr. It was very cool. Luiz Suárez had a golden break in the break. The real castle is just 24 minutes away.

In the 50 minute, Suarez came from a pass from Umsanemble. In the second half, Solaris ate pacers to handle pressure in the second half of candy. Rafael Bharane committed suicide in the 69th minute. Suarez won 3-0 in the minute 73 and sentenced him. Suarez scored 11 goals as El Clásico as a third player. Lionel Messi has reached 26 goals. Duke has Caesar Rodriguez, with 14 goals. Barcelona won 4-1 in both legs and won the semi-final round. Barak took six times in the final round. Catalan nationalists won the last five titles. On May 25, at the Copa del Rey final, the Realak can be obtained in Real Betis or Valencia.

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