Thursday , August 11 2022

Barcelona spends more wage players than other sports clubs


Barcelona is spending more money on salaries than any other club in the world, and the first sports team in the history has become an average average of $ 17.76 million per year.

According to the latest Global Sports Salary Survey of the Sporting Intelligence website, the average basic basic gigantic league of the 2018-19 season is $ 18,570,381 – the third place in the 2017/18 season is rising.

Barcelona has surpassed the survey since 2012, when the average salary of the club was half the current one.

The Liga rivals Real Madrid has the second, with players with the average 14.4 million annual average, and the next six places are the NBA team with the Oklahoma Thunder – over the previous table – the third ($ 13.94m).

Thunder, Golden State Warriors ($ 13.89 million) and Washington Wizards ($ 13.55 million) have become an American average wage over US $ 10 million per player per year.

Manchester United ($ 11.5m) is the 10th largest English club on the 10th, although the Italian champion Juventus has passed the 32rd and ninth place, starting Cristiano Ronaldo in the summer, after paying $ 11.93m.

The French Paris Saint-Germain team has been fifth from 2017 to 18, giving an average salary of 10.8 million euros.

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