Sunday , June 13 2021

BNP BNP Nazneen and the founders of Kanakchampa

Many parties, including Awami League and BNP, have purchased more than one of the candidates' papers. They will fight against eleven parliamentary elections. The Awami League has already been a journalist, Faruk, Mumtaz singer, Asaduzzaman Noor, Naimur Rahman Durjoy and Mashrafe Bin Mortaza. The Awami League government announced the name of the star on Sunday.

In the meantime, on Monday (November 26), the names of the BNP nominations have been announced. The Rangpur Division has begun the Noon Declaration. They were nominated for four stars. The following are: Helal Khan, filmmaker and three Kankachappa, Monir Khan and Baby Najin singers

Among the candidates Kanakchampa was nominated by the singer. He said: "People from the area have been greeted by the candidates after buying the papers. I want to take myself in the development of the Sirajganj-1 seat. I wanted to be my platform and I got it. I was nominated for the victory."

Another star, named Babuji Naznin BNP. Nilphamari-4 (Saidpur-Kishoreganj) will show you the rice fields in the seats. The singer said: "I am currently working on Nilphamari-4 people. Nominee was received. Joyo hbo InshaAllah In my hometown, Saidpur, I will take part in the elections with people around.

Outgoing candidate Moni Khan, nominated candidate for Jhenaidah-3 candidate. The names of the Jhenaidah-3 district were not announced. Helal Khan is watching the movie waiting for her name. Sylhe-6 appointed BNP nomination for the Beanibazar district.

He said: "The names of the nominees have begun a declaration. I do not know my name yet. But I hope to get the candidates. I can tell tomorrow morning.

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