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Chelsea revenge against Tottenham

Chelsea won 2-0 at Stamford Bridge on Wednesday night. In November, he lost Tonteham 3-1 in the area of ​​Maureşio Surrey.

Chelsea won three games after winning the match. After winning 6-0 Manchester City, on February 10, Surrey team Manchester United lost the FA Cup fifth round last week. And last Sunday, in the final of the Liga Cup, they have a Manchester City teammate.

Pedro Chelsea came into the minute 57 in the first half. In D-Boxing, when Asasilikuyetera rose to the ball, the Spaniard advanced to the goal was goalkeeper.

In the 84th minute, Kieran Tripeer won almost no side for Chelsea. In front of D-kutxa, the defender was in the ball, there was no danger that there was no Chelsea player. But when it comes to advancing, the goalkeeper will increase the ball. The goalkeeper did not have much speed.

Chelsea is sixth in the 27th and sixth games, with 53 points in five draws. Tottenham lost two points in the league and lost 60 points in the third.

Liverpool has a 69-point second day with 5-0 goals. Manchester City, as West Ham United won the sole goal of Sirhio Aguero, has two points, 68 points.

Arsenal lost 5-1 to AFC Bournemouth, with 56 points four. Manchester City lost 3-1 in the Crystal Palace after 55 points.

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