Sunday , June 13 2021

Dhaka arrived with zero hands, now it's 100 million!

Md. Golam Farooq Photo: Our time

Eat nine years ago at Golam Farooq in 2009, Afroza Akhter alias Anne's wife to exchange life in Dhaka. When Gazipur's weapons entered into a group of traders, weapons and narcotics companies took part.

Then they should not look back at the retired Kaperaingo's head. For nine years, Golam Faruk, Dhaka arrived at zero, became Taka 100 crore.

Since 2009, Faruk's drug, arms and money laundering have been presented for eight cases. Based on these cases, Faruk and his wife Annie were arrested in the Badda district on Monday, the Criminal Investigation Department (CID).

CID Molla Nazrul, the Supreme Special Police Officer of the Department of Criminal Organizations of Islam, said at a press conference held on Tuesday at the CID headquarters.

Molla Nazrule said that, in 2010, Narayanganj's Fatullah co-operative box appeared. In the case of the investigation, the lawsuit was lodged at the Teknaf Police station on August 29, 2017, including 17 people, including Nurul Haque Bhutto, his eldest brother, nephew and bKash agent. Golam Faruk and his wife were arrested. So far, 34 people have been detained in different cases in different cases.

The police said Golam Faruk and his wife arrived in Dhaka in 2009. Later, they started an arm-stall with the identification of a group of Gazipur team. They have also opened a clothing business. They worked for a while on the Yaba business. The first business started with Yakin Nurul Haque Bhutto Gora Mia Uncle Teknaf Yaba. Later Nurul Haque Bhutto and Nur Mohammad's older brother were trading with Yuba. Golam Faruque became the owner of hundreds of ranks at a Yaba Money stage. Alejas Export International is a factory Farooq invested almost single-sided cotton. In addition, there is information that includes many names in the name of his wife and wife. The couple bought money from home, land and microbial. When you are going to investigate, there are eight drug cases in different police stations, such as Tejgaon, Uttara East Police Station, Chaparawabganj District, Sadar Police Station and Shibganj Police Station in Faruk District. During the investigation, assets of their cruel fabrics were discovered and soon they will be seized and seized for the government treasure.

Mola Nazrule said that after Afamal Hossain Imon, his wife, Sania Afroz and Salahuddin Prince, were detained by Golam Faruque and his wife's arrest, according to financial transactions with Nurul Haque Bhutto arrested by Mirpur. Later, according to Nurul's senior brother, Nur Mohammad, he was arrested on charges of drug trafficking Rupa Islam belly Mirpur Bihari, Al Amin's husband, Riaz, Faisal and Bikash agent Johnny and Kuddus. Later, drug dealers Raihan, Asaduzzaman, Swapan, Keraniganj's Dakash Agent Abbas, Tongi Drug Trap Rani, Naim, Ibrahim, Bikash Agent Shahjalal and Nasir Uddin Sohel were later arrested. In addition, Brahmanbari's Mousa Mia, Abdul Hossain de Joypurhat was arrested after making financial transactions with Nurul Haque Bhutto.

In the latter case, Golam Faruk and his wife were detained, police Super Molla Nazrul said.

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