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Does the election go very well?

Eleventh parliamentary election is in full swing? What is the public perception in this case? Mahbub Talukder, the curatorial election, said they should ask.

In the capital city of Agarea, on Thursday morning, the mayor of Dhaka North City was suspended, the 16 newly elected South South and South 16 ministers and the 9th and 21st places in the northern city halls postponed elections and vacancies. He speaks

Mahbub Talukder has said, I have tried to analyze some of the last eleven electoral elections. You can share your experiences with them so that you can help.

Electoral management responsibilities are basically two major powers. On the one hand, the electoral officers or electoral officers and the law enforcement agencies, on the other.
The documents we have seen so far have been very useful for the official translator's reports for the viewer. A word is very good and the other word is normal.

Does this mean that our selection is very enjoyable? In this case, we must ask what public perception is.
I have always emphasized that the selection is acceptable and reliable. Acceptance and credibility must be visible. There is no electoral election required by the electoral commission.

It is said in the eyes of the people. Our work and you will be tested. So we have to commit ourselves to an acceptable and credible election.

The selected image must be reported in all reports

Based on his experience, Mahbub Talukdar said: "We are writing about negative reports on our reports, especially in our observers' reports, with a two year experience in the Electoral Commission. Everyone wants to pass on papers.
It would be happy if anyone can talk to you about the information.
I think photo polls should be taken in all reports.

The Electoral Commission is a constitutional body. The respect and dignity of the constitutional institution is based on its activities. In order to defend the dignity and dignity of the Electoral Commission, all the civil servants and staff of the area, including the Electoral Commission's secretariat, are responsible.

We have decided to maintain the respect, dignity and cleanliness of the organization through the mission of all the candidates.

Cities Selection Issues Below:
With regard to the upcoming city elections, Mahbub Talukdar said that I will call the elections in Dhaka North City Corporation. The mayor had to face these elections because they were hot and warm.
Councilman's attitude is only expected to be warm.

In the last elections of the Northern Corporation elections, the main opposition candidate left the nomination for not being equal. The main opposition this year has not been a candidate in the elections. However, the withdrawal of candidates for election can not be said.

In this case, we should make a purely legal choice. So no one questions the election.

The Dhaka city corporation election plays an important role. After the national elections, people from the town, even development partners, were seen in these elections in Dhaka. To view the types selected.
We do not hurry, in any fear or temptation during the elections.
Context of India:
In his visit to India, Mahbub Talukdar said India a few days ago. Read an article on electoral management in the newspaper. Two events were mentioned.

It should be emphasized that officials nominated in electoral obligations were not the reason for the election. In some cases, they did not question the demanding positions of the law enforcement irregularities.

The country around us has strengthened the country's democracy campaign, despite many contradictions. The contribution of the Indian election committee is no less behind.

EU Secretary-General Helaluddin Ahmad, Head of the Electoral Commission (CEC), KM Nurul Huda, President of the Electoral Commission. Rafiqul Islam, Begum Kabita Khanam, Brigadier General (retd) Shahadat Hossain Chowdhury.

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