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EC has received irregularities in 17 out of 58 country centers

The EC has received irregularities in 17 out of 58 centers

The Electoral Commission (EC) has received irregularities in 17 out of 58 polling stations in the Barisal City Council elections. A four-member investigative commission chaired by a joint secretary of the commission received this irregularity. The EC report said the investigation report will be presented at the next meeting of the commission.

On July 30, the vote was held in 123 city centers. Meanwhile, the results of the 15 centers were postponed on the voting day. Subsequently, the EC-formed committee was formed in the investigation to postpone the results in 58 centers for various irregularities. So far the results of Barisal-related city centers have been postponed. As a result, the Commission has not published the newspaper of the newly elected President and the 58 general advisors and reserved. The decision will be taken at the meeting of the newly elected Mayor's newspaper and the oath ceremony.

According to sources of investigative commissions, the committee formed to investigate the Barisal City Election Investigation has recently investigated claims for 58 cases and submitted the report to the commission. The committee found written evidence of irregularities in 17 polling stations, after being questioned by all election officials of 58 centers. The committee found no evidence of irregularities in the remaining 41 centers. Of the 15 polling stations that were suspended by the Election Commission on Election Day, there were no evidence of irregularities in seven centers.

On the Election Day, on July 30, the EC election observer group, citing allegations of various irregularities including the possession of polling stations, sent to the Commission a list of 28 centers. Barisal's return officer again sent a written complaint to 30 centers including the same list. When this information came to the Electoral Commission, Commissioner Mahbub Talukder made the decision to postpone all Barisal elections. However, taking into account the general situation, including the security of election officials, creating disorder on the Election Commission, the Election Commission withdrew from the postponement, the Electoral Commission said. Subsequently, the Commission sent a report to the committee on the 58 complaints of the complainant Barisal.

Asked about the report, investigative committee chief and EC secretary-general Khandaker Mizanur Rahman told reporters: "We handed over the investigation report on September 18. We found written testimony to the complaints of 17 centers in investigating complaints of irregularities 58 centers.

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