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Ekta Kapoor is a mother without a marriage

Called daughter Ekta Kapoor Married. But he was the mother. Unity is 43 years old by Sarogerri's mother, following the path of the brothers Tushar Kapoor. He is the mother of a healthy son. It is known that on January 27 Erika was born. After a while, he will take his son home. His mother's brother wished to take his mother. Drive in the intimate circle, get married. But as a mother, children want to continue growing. That's why he wanted to become a mother through sarongs. The unity of the television world is essential. He'll give him time. But he returned to work again. One of the most popular actors in Bolgja, Ekit and Snowa, two sons of Jitendra, married. In 2016, Sargasci Ekta's brother became the father of Tusher. The goal of the son is to raise odds. At the same time, he will make his son.

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