Saturday , June 19 2021


The coach of AC Milan, Gennaro Gattuso, told Italians Prime Minister Matteo Salvinii to watch over politics and not soccer, after criticizing the game in Lazio 1-1. "It's wonderful, all countries in the country have complained about the time to talk about Salvini AC Milani," said Gattus. Salvini, AC Milan, played on Sunday in the race. "If it were Gattus, I made some changes, I was tired of the players, I did not understand why I did not change anything in the second half," said Italian Salvini on television. Asked about Salvini's remarks, Gattus said: "I do not speak politically because I do not understand anything." I think about politics, with all the problems we face in our country, if the Prime Minister speaks about football, we are in a bad way. "

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