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Gayle in "500" 10 thousand clubs

The mention of son's son is called Chris Gayle. Moyi is the son of the Caribbean cave. This is a rare cricket that hit the semester.

Gayle made his debut against England against Wednesday (February 27). On the 17th match, he scored six sixth in the 500s The first cricket in the Kilkerre history has 500 sharks. Gayle reached the 10,000 stairs with the landmark.

Gayle reached the 10th position in the 14th second batsman in the Caribbean and in the international cigar. Currently there are 10074 international stables with the name Gayle. The number of sharks is 506.

After a World Cup after a day's cricket, Gayle can not see it again in this format. This is announced. But another legend of the Caribbean can overcome Brian Lara's World Cup!

With the first match in England, he scored 12 in the 135 scores. Pakistani Shaheed Afridi, 476th sixth,

Gayle had won 98 seats in 103 games, with 506 chakkara tests under his name. 288 international days, 305 seats and 56 international T-20s scored 103 seats. In addition to the international cricket, the Gayle Twenty20 match totals Twenty20 matches for 905.

Gayle won the 300th sixth in the ODI format, with a total of 305. However, the Caribbean can not come here. Shahid Afridi, 351 cigars a day

Bangladesh Time: 1328 hours, February 28, 2015

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