Sunday , June 13 2021

Google removed 13 well-known apps from the Play Store

Google removed 13 well-known apps from the Play Store. 13 of these applications have been downloaded 560 times from the Google Play Store. But this application can damage malware, so the move has been taken by Google.

Lucas Stefcono, an expert on malware-based antivirus-based organizations, has brought this problem to a tweet.

Malware is a malicious software name. That is to say, it can damage a software program or damage it if it enters a mobile phone or a computer for a reason. This type of software also leaks or records personal information.

Stefanko said, even if they did not do anything directly, these applications are the "New Center & # 39; Request a download and install file called. This is the main risk. When unloaded, to unlock the mobile, the mobile wallpapers are included in different ads. Your phone damaged your phone

Google has deleted the Play Store for 13 reasons. Among 13 applications, such as simulator trucks, car driving simulators, extreme car driving, extreme mottle crosss, were two of the applications. All these applications are well known by developers like Luiz and Pinto.

These events were not the first time last year, Google eliminated the Play Millions seven million harmful applications.

Source: Anand Bazar

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