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Happiness for political sadness | Opinion

There will be many events that will end the election. We will not be disappointed or surprised. Remember that only one night of BTV television was reported in our youth during the morning luncheon, due to an interesting event. Awami League or BNP leaders saw the afternoon in the afternoon, when the people of the enemy teamed up with people who rented the flower bouquet and night. There are a lot of old leaders and records for this. Awami League leader Abdur Races on the eve of BAKSAL, Abdul Malek got along with Ukil. Malek Ukil Jhanu Politician She knows what to do! Razzaq, when a cyclist made up of BAKSAL, went directly to the train and entered the press room directly. Before reaching Razzaq to Faridpur, the faridpur was taken to Razzaq Faridpur by train. In the liberation war, the young leader Tukhoor Mizanur Rahman Chowdhury often changed the party. Post-padali Jutelaya could not face the situation; People had to run away

Moudud Ahmed has nothing to do with it. Mr. Oddu, while traveling in the international BNP delegation, heard an urgent call. Although he knew it. After receiving the call after receiving the call, the Delegation Delegate read all the way and was minister. Ershad's live-stream Ershad's fall, on television, was inspired by Ershad. Think hypocrisy on the face. Here BNP MP and BNP Minister. This time the interview was over, he gave it to the court. Sheikh Hasina did not respond to a request to return home. What was so hard to guess? In general, the main leaders will change, the parties will change and the title will be the title.

At the same time, it was at least a surprise when the Minister of State Abu Sayyed announced the selection in the rice field. Donnaib's quote is a former minister of information. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina arrived in Sydney at Niranbawi. Citizen reception was sitting next to him in the afternoon, he said that Sheikh Hasina's tactics were saying, or night would be a dawn. Mohammed Ali's most excellent speech also embarrassed Bangabandhu's daughter, she had to stop. At this moment the ship was in the middle. I could not say I did not. Pabna 1 goes down with a straight line of rice. Papanai is a good place. Leaders can do anything! Show how many Circus people are dying so quickly today. Did you think when Abu Sayyid's Safari dressed up images?

Roni was almost unknown to Leim Lighthouse. Then what is it? Politics as well as the leaders of society. I recall that Maula versus Salman's fight is fighting. Salman Sahib more powerful than Mauna. At that time, Ronnie went to jail. Prison prisoners are needed Nehru, Biman Gandhi, Gaffar Khan, or Bangabandhu were most in jail. After releasing Bangali Manishi Shri Arvind Jail, he became a philosopher and rishi. After studying Batrand Russell Bangabandhu in prison, Russell appointed him the youngest son.

These people are different in prison. Ronnie fell in love with Quader Molla. & # 39; Usta Bhaji & # 39; When writing, Uchcha Bhaji was sent to prison for mass attraction – singing Quader Mollah or Rabindra music. Ronnie was not talking about making a story and talking to himself. He received the nomination as a despair to get the boat card. Give and interview.

A mother rat said the wrath of a cat was horrible. But they can not do anything. One day, the cats got the ropes to steal milk. Mice were excited to know – what are cats? Where are you going Cats did not accept or respond to failure:

Fish eating meat that eats meat

Tulsimala was giving her a go.

Golam Maula Roni was not "Maula & # 39; Name the name Golam's end. He said that the "Golam" of nationalism will disappear. And vote for rice skin. Seeing the news, Mirza Fakhrul said happy, Tarique Zia is also happy to be getting Rony. Ratan acknowledges that Ratan is natural. How many years before Mir Jafar died, then Mushtaq went – only a slave party.

Now the question is, they are still prophets. Are there big leaders? I have watched news. Kamal Hossain says that there is a drop in the MP MP to have a tension to share bread. It's like a leader. Tell me how to stop or negotiate tension, how to unify politics. How long will this pillow be?

He was very angry. He said, this country is sixteen million people. No person or family. A clearer statement. We understand what we mean. Manoo is also there. Why will a country be a family? If that family is a vase, then there is no further discussion. See posters better. Kamal Hossain. On the one hand, as well as his daughter and joy with Joy Bangabanda, with Khaleda Zia again with Ziaur Rahman, Tarique Rahman again, Tarique Rahman, can not you stop?

If not, what is one side taking advantage of? When your political career began, when they were appointed to the electoral minister, and not with them, if they plan to say things, the others do not have any problems? If you used to get to the country and country to relieve the family or group, another family would be Talubandi? Are you rice beans beans? What are the advantages of talking with a dome? This means that this country is not a party, it must say three times. I really like it. Let's start, say this country is not Awami League or BNP. Do you know

All with the purpose of zombie politics. He started getting cards for chaos and card No idea of ​​politics or politics to raise heads. If it's not a yaba, there's a spouse. If it is not a table, there is a slave. If there is no leader, God is there. That will continue. Happy to complete the policy.

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