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Bangladesh Awami League confirms nomination of 230 candidates on Sunday. Arif Khan Joy's former footballer is not on the list. Among the ministries, Arif Khan, the only minister of sports and sports, has been left out of controversy to storm the whole game. Many people will by no means discard their own actions. Many are responsible for keeping their non-controlling brothers.
Elected January 5, 2014, after being nominated for the 2014 election, Deputy Prime Minister, Sheikh Hasina, Deputy Minister for Youth and Sports. Former MP and football minister was a big surprise in politics. But after a period of time, Bangladesh had to descend from the Awami League boat. On Monday, the main debate on sports, one of the guardians of Arif Khan won the nomination.
Arif Khan Joy Vice President, Sports Council, Deputy Minister of Sports. He said the office of the game's office. Shikdar's two-year-old Shikdar won the fourth consecutive consecutive fourth consecutive quarter of the Magura-2 seats. However, Arif Khan was not supposed to be able to ride aboard. Since the appointment of the deputy minister, he was criticized for controversial activities. Arif Khan Joy, a third-level soccer league minister, also participated in controversial activities on vandalism in the office of a secretary in his ministry, who did not enter the name of the firearm, beat SI police and banner. In the media, there has been a lot of news about economic frauds in the media, jobs or jobs (Netrokona-2). In addition, Arif Khan Joy has also criticized the abuse of the dead. Above all, his two brothers, Mithu and Masud Khan, relinquished their old brother's side. In his two brothers' activities, Awami League leaders and entrepreneurs often complained in the center. Arif Khan was named Joy Raf and Tauf in the player's life. So, in the ministry too. Ministry of State Minister of State. Both Shikdar worsened his relationship. Although there are many events in the field of entertainment, there is no complaint about time and time, against Arif Khan Joy. Bangladesh Awami League has issued a letter of 230 candidates for electoral candidates for election on December 30. Among them, there are athletes. However, Abdus Salam Murshedi is the only footballer. Named the ship in the Khulna-4 district. However, in BNP, the elections are carried out with many rice symbols. Mashrafe has been nominated for this year's selection. If Arif Khan was not controversial, he stopped aboard. But to lower Netrokona-2, Bangladesh has been awarded another Awami League. Ashraf Ali Khan Khasru was not a new member of parliament.

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