Wednesday , January 20 2021

Huawei is the world's best performing processor

Huawei, one of the world's leading provider of technology services, helps organizations develop rich and innovative skills to build a connected and connected world. Huawei completes the ICT portfolio of solutions that allow customers to access telecommunication and business networks, devices and cloud computing. The organization is serving more than 170 countries and regions all over the world, that is, a third of the world's population. About 1,48 million workers are working with Huawei.
Huawei announces the launch of the best CPU based on the current market-based ARM. Recently, the Board of Directors and the Chief Strategic Marketing Officer, William Zhou, were inaugurated, Kunpong 920, Shenzhen, China.
Kuppong 920 can increase the ability of large data, distributed storage, and ARM-based applications. CPU designed with Huawei's seven-nanometer technology. The algorithm uses optimized options, increases the number of AP units and improves the memory subsystem architecture. As a result, processing speed is guaranteed. Currently, CPU 25 percent is more effective. They can energize 30 points less than others. It has 64 kernels with a 2.6 GHz frequency, which offers 64 Gbps bandwidth.
This time, it is led by Kupepong 920
The Tyson series server was also opened. Zhu said that the new Kuppong 920 CPU and Tyson server will be mainly used for Big Data, Distributed Storage and ARM-based applications. We will work with partners around the world to develop the ARM ecosystem and expand the field of computing.

Nokia 3.1 Plus
An excellent screen, aluminum body, fluid user interface and curved design of the device is a classic that definitely attracts the taste of the user. Nokia 3.1 Plus offers cheap hardware prices. Depending on the company, the phone will have a significant effect on the market depending on the price.

Design and display
The back of the phone is glass glass. MultiTech IPS LCD 640-inch screen resolution 1440-720, PPI 268, screen ratio for the body 77 percent in five percent. Ambulance screens and high-quality panels are not used to be displayed on your device. As a result, 18: 9 aspect ratios can be seen in bright and radiant photos. With this, this panel is particularly useful for the clock, battery level … One of the most interesting aspects of this panel is the announcement that it will be visible in bright sunlight. The front camera and the air sensor are above the screen.

Operating System
The value is Android 3.1 and Android OS-enabled or Android operating system. There are no unlock features on your phone.

The biggest attraction of the device is the powerful battery. For the perfect combination of software and chipset, 3500 mAh will use more than one day of compatibility and six-inch screen on six-hour heater. The battery only takes up to load for about 120 minutes.

Nokia 3.1 plus two cameras. The first is 13 megapixel F / 2, the other is a 5 megapixel F / 2.4 channel, a deep sensor. There is also a choice of LED flash and 1080p and 30 fps video streaming. Front camera camera with 8 megapixel F / 2.2 capable of taking large images. However, the cameras are not very effective in light.

Chipset MediaTek MT 6762 Helio P22, 53.0 GHz working on Octaory Sipay at Cortex. The VR GE 8320 graphics processing unit has been added to achieve the perfect image and game experience. Nokia 3.1 and 32 GB RAM and 3 GB RAM and 16 GB RAM and 2 GB RAM There are 32 variants. Using the microSD card is possible to have 400 GB. A back mounted fingerprint and an FM radio feature.

The price of the phone is 18,500 rupees. Rubberized Finnish corporals will give users an extra experience. Although the visualization is nice, the device is not ideal for the use of multiple applications. In the end, it can be said that the device has a direct impact on the market according to price.

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