Thursday , January 21 2021

Hyderabadek & # 39; Joy ​​& # 39; She wants to give Shakibi a birthday

Shakib Al Hasan File picture

Shakib Al Hasan File picture

Today's probe in Shakib Al Hasan Captain birthday. She crossed the 31st of life

But this time, celebration parties are not celebrated. The IPL has already gone to India.

So, this year Shakib birthday will be used in the field, in the fight against bat and ball.

Indian Premier League (IPL), 2015, Shakib's Sunrisers Hyderabad Kolkata will play today with Knight Riders.

Whether it is going to be played in the match match, it is known at the beginning of the match. But Shakib thinks he will play.

Meanwhile, the Hyderabadi authorities came to Shakib's birthday greetings.

Shakib's birthday wants to win over as a gift for KKR.

SunRise wrote an official Twitter management at Hyderabad, Official Happy Birthday @ SH 75 What a wonderful day to celebrate the birthday! Do you know what the best Shakib gift is, not Orange Army?

In IPL, Shakib Al Hasan is said to be quite successful. Up to now, he has played 60 matches in the IPL 737 with his bat. He showed his charism.

Shakib's 57 wicket in IPL

Shakib recently passed his injury. This round could not be with Bangladesh's New Zealand band. After the final Bangladesh Premier League match, it is now possible to see it in the IPL for a long break.

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