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In Narail, thousands of birds die in stormy weather

Thousands of birds and birds are invited to die in three days Photo: Ittefaq

In the three days of the Narailgo rain it caused great damage to crops. At the same time Thousands of friends and birds were invited to the Ariana Golf Resort and Echo Park in Kaliya.

The rain will run from Monday to Thursday (February 25) from Monday to Thursday. In addition, the 8 districts of Simanta Bichali, Kharia and Panchagarh get together with rain and storms. Twenty tree branches fell in the storm. To that end, the electricity connections were disconnected in the neighborhood of Narail.

On the other hand, Arunima Golf Resort and Eco Park, Irfan Ahmed, said on Saturday night, 25 and 26, the refuge of the park and thousands of locals killed in the storms. Later, the workers who buried themselves on the ground killed the birds.

Since 2004, 8 months of each year and several species of birds have been caught during the winter season. This year, at the beginning of the season (from the beginning of October), the guest was invited to stay. Birds birds, birds, birds, birds, shalik, aunt, doyle, pineapple, fish, gooseberry, spinach, cocaine, tunduni and birds, are protected by birds of different countries and different species of birds. The birds grew as deep as the birds. The whole area is full of birds' nights all night long. But in the last two days the damage to birds and vegetables has not been resolved.

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Meanwhile, the Directorate of Agriculture of the Provincial Directorate of the Chinmoy Roy Division said that three days of rain and rain have affected vegetables, mushrooms, wheat, onions, watermelons and vegetables. At least 10 per cent of crop will reduce rainfall, he said.

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