Saturday , January 28 2023

India launches the world's cheapest LCD TV


India launches the world's cheapest LCD TV

Detel D1 TV has a 19-inch panel

Detel launches a new Indian TV show on Tuesdays. This company is very popular in Indian phones. The Indian company received the attention of television in Rs 3.999. The TV has a 19-inch LCD panel. There is also an HDMI port and USB port. Detel D1 can be used as a computer monitor as a TV monitor. In the beginning of this year, the electronic product ConseeMeM began to sell Detel. The company is already in the market for 24 inches and 65 inches of television.

Detel D1 price in India

Detel India D1 is priced at Rs 3,999. However, the television MRP is Tk 4,999. It can be purchased from the New Detel D1 website and mobile applications

Detect the D1 specification

Detel D1 TV has a 19-inch panel. The resolution of this TV has 1366×768 pixels. The company has used it on the television A + grade panel. There are 12 speakers in front of you.

Detect connect to the D1 HDMI and USB port. Connect to this TV system and use it as a monitor. You can stream audio video or video files through USB.

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