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Jatiya Sangsad Elections: Women want to make history in Thakurgaon


Candidates for Awami League nominees are named after more than 300 candidates for eleven. The designation of the party is still in the final phase, but many people do not expect the party's candidacy. Some have decided to get the party nomination and have abandoned the field. In this case, a fresh illusion is seen.

A woman does not directly live directly at Thakurgaon's national election. But today women leaders want to break their history.

In Thakurgaon, women's parliamentarians, ex-vice presidents and women leaders have received designation forms from the standpoint of direct election and have presented around half a dozen

Among these, the former presidents of Thakurgaon Upazila Women's 5th place want to be elected in three district courts by choosing the symbol of the ship.

Thakurgaon's four Vice-Presidents of Upazilas were temporary: Thakurgaon Sadar Tahmina Akter Molla, Suraiya Jasmine Beauty, BaliaDangi opium, Haripur Sabina Yamin Ripa, Ranisankail Selina Jahan Lita. Due to the political depth of their family, Thakurgaon won the responsibility of Selina Jahan Lita MP for Panchagarh conservative reserve. Ali Akbar is the oldest daughter.

Among them, Tahmina Akter Molla Thakurgaon-1 district, Surayya Jasmine Beauty Balidangi Thakurgaon-2 district, Sabina Yasmin Ripa Haripur and Selina Jahan Lita Thakurgaon-3 court district. At the same time, Upazila Parishad Women's Chairperson was chairman of four Thakurgaon Upazilas at the same time.

Among them, Tahmina Akter Molla Thakurgaon was elected mayor of the municipality. Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir's younger brother Mirza defeated Faisal Amin in the mayor's election. Now you want to select the symbol of the Thakurgaon-1 barge ship.

Suraiya Jasmine Beauty was Baliadangi Vice President. He is currently a member of the Thakurgaon District Council. Now he wants to choose the symbol of the Thakurgaon-2 seats boat. On the other hand, Sabina Yasmin Ripa, vice president of Haripur Upazilla, receives a ship in the same seat. He is currently a member of the Thakurgaon District Council.

The daughter of MP Ali Akbaren, current parliamentarian, was left behind by Selina Jahan Lita, a member of the Thakurgaon-3 regional parliament. The two vice president of women was Ranisankail.

In general, at the same time, four female female political representatives want to be with the symbols of the ship.

However, apart from being a member of the government party, women's politics are still recognizable as being socially mild. They have to face many social inequalities and obstacles. They said that it was not outside, but also in the family. The general idea of ​​society is still – women will stay home, why are they in politics?

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