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Jovan went abroad to change the fortune

Jovan's media is very good. But it has still been recently taken out to sea in the foreign country. His newly married wife, Mary, for a provisional two months, did not even think about her words! He did not think about his oldest mother and younger brother.

But what did he say if Jovan stalks the opposite direction? Actually, nobody knows whose fate will be the wheel? She disappeared in eight months. The story is considered a story called Kutum Bird.

In the writings of Manas Palen, Golam Habib Litu directed telechabi. Jovan played a leading role in Alal. And his wife will see the role of Shabnam Faria. Mukul Siraj brother brother Dulal. Shirin Alam has played maternity role.

According to the source, the drama Channel Aight will be on Sunday, at 3:30 a.m.

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