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Katrina got married this year!

Continue Wedding in Bollywood. Last year, some top stars participated in the wedding. Many people will even marry this year. News published several times. Now Katrina Kaif is listening to marry this year. The lover of the newly married Ranbir Kapoor is almost overwhelming, but their relationship is different. Then again, with Salman Khan, Katrina regularly shows. He still works on regular films.

She asks her what she wants in a recent interview in 2019. Here, CAT replied: "I do not have the Filmfare award, the production house and wanting to be one of them."

Since then, Katrina has been married in the Bollywood movie this year. Since then, she has asked about many conversations, Katrina said: "There are still many people this year, do not take any decision right now. Everyone knows if they are married. But all of my previous comments got married. But it's a whole rumor, I'm going to get married. It's hard to say when to say

Katrina is busy in front of India in front of Salman. The next image will be released next Eid.

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