Thursday , August 22 2019
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Kaushik's & # 39; Nagarkirtan & # 39; in the debate – Share Biz

Showbiz desk: Swapnoy Chakraborty's novel Kaushik Gangopadhyay Calcutta's director has created a story about his novel Holst Gulap. The controversy over the media has been a storm. He wrote in his own situation: "Kaushik Babu is a talented actress and director, with various features, silent accolade, cleverness, and the silent" Soft Half Sign "by Abul Bashar silently filmed" Null at the chest, "nowadays," Nagarkirtan & # " 39. It is decorated with yellow rose, you need to call it Bashi. "In the meantime, Kaushik said:" I do not know the dreamer Chakrabarti, so ask for a final photo, what does it mean? Suddenly, comments! Take copyrights and copyrights I got the idea of ​​a menstruation right away.In the course of his life, the director worked with his story: The Triangle is the third character of love, is the robbery? And the editor of the newspaper published his story in a consistent way, "Nagarkirtan", criticism today. I have said nothing.

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